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Hmmmm...where do we start telling the story of Hot Joey's and Friends....it's a combination of families coming together to make a dream come true. Charlie Smith of Ohio had the recipes. Dan Temesvary of Illinois, newly unemployed from mortgage lending, had the time on his hands to look into getting the company started and wanted to begin a new venture. Oh! How are they related? Dan's wife's sister is Charlie's daughter-in-law. So, we're not related by blood, but through families.

After getting together, as families do for holidays and such, many a hot sauce was brought out to try. Dan suggested Charlie market it. Charlie had heard that suggestion many times from friends, but being in his 70's, he didn't feel like looking into it on his own. Dan decided to get the ball rolling and it's been catching speed ever since the summer of 2008! Charlie, Dan and families were very pleased at the positive reaction of friends that tried the first samples of hot and mild sauces. Finally, two dreams had been achieved; Charlie had his hot sauce out for the public to taste, and Dan had started a company.

Oh!  Almost forgot about our name! Hot Joey's isn't named after anyone in our family.  Hot Joey's got its name from Dan's daughter, who at 6, mentioned having her own restaurant when she grew up. She wanted to call it, Hot Joey's. At the time, we thought it was funny & cute. However, when having to come up with a name for our company, we thought it was a perfect fit.

From all of us here at Hot Joey's, thanks for passing us around your table and sharing us with family and friends. We hope you enjoy every bite! 


Expect more from Hot Joey's Hot Sauce

  • Always the freshest ingredients
  • Gluten free
  • All natural ingredients
  • Prepared and bottled under US FDA guidelines
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